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Overview of Aerodyne Alloys

photo of alloys

Aerodyne Alloys is an international supplier and processor of specialty high temperature alloys.

As part of the O'Neal Industries O'Neal Industries family of companies, we are committed to providing our customers with the specialty metals they need, services to provide materials with custom requirements, competitive pricing and same day / next day delivery.

The Aerodyne Alloys team is experienced in all phases of the alloys industry. Four alloy service centers provide specialty high-temperature / high-performance alloy services and inventory variety.


Our Specialists On Sourcing (S.O.S.) department will locate hard-to-find high-temperature alloys.

Nickel | Cobalt | Titanium | Stainless
Alloy X | Alloys 718/625

Specialty metals in: Bar, Plate, Near-Net Shapes


Stocked Inventory
Don’t wait for deliveries. Our 4 alloy service centers are fully stocked!

Scheduled Alloy Inventory
Don't wait until you need alloys; you can schedule your alloy deliveries with our GAINSystems Software.


High temperature alloys can be cut to meet specifications with our wide range of cutting technologies.

Sawing | Shearing | Heat Treating | Trepanning
Boring | Water Jet Cutting


Same Day / Next Day Deliveries Available!