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Aerodyne Advantage is an expression of ideas and information that will add to our customer’s knowledge base regarding all things alloy.

We will continue to share information that will be of value so please check back often.

Aero Advantage Updates

SMS LME txt alertsReceive phone text alerts for LME metal pricing!!

Specials on High Temperature AlloysClick for Current Specials

promoJULY 2013 - Summer Grillin' Giveaway campaign was a fast moving, 30-days promotion that finished up with a great success.

JUNE 2013 - Aerodyne launchs weekly alloy specials list

fast fastener alloy solutionsMay 2013 - Our campaign for the Fastener industry announced our "Door to Door in 24" delivery program went very well because as always, Aerodyne Alloys seeks ways to making doing business convenient and productive for customers.

DEC 2012 - Fast Fastener Alloy Solutions.
... download the PDF

video intro to Aerodyne AlloysOCT 2012 - Aerodyne launches their YouTube channel with their first video,
click to see a video introduction to Aerodyne Alloy.

SEPT 2012 - Pre-Announcement; In conjunction with Aerodyne Alloys' 35th anniversary our Art of Alloys will be exhibited at the New Britain Museum of American Art (NBMAA) in 2014.

FEB 2012 - Aerodyne launches QR code campaign for Power Generation and Oil & Gas

FEB 2012 - Los Angeles High Temp Alloy Solutions (QR)

photo of trade show muralsJAN 2012 - Aerodyne prepares for Trade Shows with interchangeable mural panels for each industry we serve. Check out our latest designs for Alloys for Fasteners, Alloys for Power Generation

NOV 2011 - Power Generation Solution

NOV 2011 - Stainless Steel Magazine

OCT 2011 - Don't Get Alloy Spooked over lack of inventory or high pricing!Trick or Treat: Get Hexed or get Scared! Scare off the cost of Round Bar. Put the Hex on Hex Bar.

APR 2011 - Aerodyne Alloys announces Big Cuts

OCT 2010 - Power Generation Solution

OCT 2010Aerodyne Alloys announces 4rd annual Lee Denim Day fundraiser for breast cancer.

APR 2010 - Alloy Deals during our Spring Cleaning Fling

FEB 2010HPMG 4 Point Advantage, Service, Expertise, Selection and Value

JAN 2010Aerodyne introduces a new alloy photo gallery, The Art of Alloys - The first of 12 artistic photos of alloys is showcased in the gallery and available to download.

OCT 2009Forgers: Why buy 2,000 pounds of alloy when you only need 100? Flyer (PDF)

AUG 2009Ni-Fly - Get Your Nickel Alloy Fast flyer (PDF)

JUN 2009Alloy Chemistry Analysis

APR 2009GE S-400 Materials

FEB 2009AeroDynamic PaperWork

JAN 2009Waterjet Cutting Technology

DEC 2008Hex Bar (PDF)

NOV 2008Alloyalarm (PDF)

OCT 2008Overview of How Waterjet Cutting Works

AUG 2008Cut, Cast, Mold...Alloys

JUL 2008Minimize Alloy Waste


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