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O'Neal Industries


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As the parent organization of a group of closely affiliated companies that, together, form the nation's largest family-owned metals service center, O'Neal Industries (ONI) is focused on synergy. Each individual company is a leader in its field. But each company also has the strength, backing, and unwavering support of all the others. Combined, our capabilities are exponentially enhanced. That translates to maximum value for you when you make us your one-stop source for all your metals needs.

Built upon the solid foundation of O'Neal Industries, the Southeast's first full-line metals service center established in 1921, O'Neal Industries has assembled a global family of companies that provides customers exceptional breadth and depth of inventory...unprecedented product and processing expertise...and strategically positioned facilities for fast, efficientdistribution, as well as full-scale manufacturing.
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We offer the combined purchasing power of multiple companies and more than 90 locations in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. We serve a spectrum of customers from job shops to OEMs, and industries ranging from heavy equipment to aerospace. And we're leading the industry in the development of innovative forms of supply chain management and cost control.

Family matters. And nothing matters more to O'Neal Industries and our family of companies than pooling our resources to deliver outstanding value to our customers in each and every way.

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O'Neal High Performance Metals Group (HPMG)

O’Neal Industries has assembled four of the world's leading suppliers and consultants in the high-performance/high-temperature metals market to create the O'Neal High-Performance Metals Group (HPMG).


The O’Neal High-Performance Metals Group (HPMG) is composed of Aerodyne Alloys, United Performance Metals, Vulcanium a Division of United Performance, TW Metals, Philip Cornes, Stainless Tubular Products, Plus Ten Stainless, and Supply Dynamics. This partnership provides an exceptionally wide selection and supply of high performance / high temp metal products. The members of HPMG have the ability to work independently or collaborate to provide the optimum solution for the customer. O’Neal HPMG provides unprecedented purchasing power, access to products, precision processing, supply chain management, and expertise across the full spectrum of specialty metals.


Members of the O'Neal High Performance Metals Group:

Additional O’Neal Industries Affiliate:

Read more about O'Neal Industries and the affiliate companies at ( or download the SYNERGY brochure PDF.