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The Art of Alloys

Aerodyne looks at alloys differently than most suppliers. We see every customer through the lens of “solutions.” We are creative in how we serve customers every day. The Art of Alloys is a way of doing business that benefits our customers. Have you ever seen alloys in this light before? Maybe it’s time for you to look at your alloy needs differently. Click on the images below to enlarge the view and save the image.

About the Photographic Collection

This unique online gallery promotes the art and science of high temperature alloys with photographs of alloy shapes, textures, and rich colors that create arresting imagery.

The photographers, Al Pirozzoli and Gordon Anderson, began photographing various alloys for use in our advertising and quickly realized how unique the alloys appeared on the warehouse floor. There is a truly natural beauty in raw materials. Gordon and Al set out to create a series of photo-illustrations that captured this, using no lighting other than the camera’s own built-in flash. Both of us were stunned at the arresting colors and textures that appeared in a totally unexpected way. Even the grit and grime of the warehouse environment became a canvas of sorts for the imagery. The photographs are not retouched in any way, nor did we arrange any compositions. Each alloy was photographed as it was. The imagery conveys the dramatic and raw beauty of these alloys in a state prior to being machined into various aerospace components. The images are intended to lead the viewer from the art to the reality, that is, the inherent potential of raw materials before being machined into components that improve our lives.

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The Art of Alloys