Aerodyne Alloys is a global distributor of premium fastener-grade materials from the most reputable and reliable melt sources in the United States. This unique product line is expertly managed to provide an unparalleled breadth of alloys and depth of sizes. Comprehensive traceability guarantees that all stock has been purchased, qualified, and specified per the exacting criteria of the industry.

Whether for commercial or military applications, making the highest quality product demands the highest quality supplier. When others have left you grounded, count on Aerodyne Alloys to get flying again.


•Cold worked materials capable of greater tensile strengths in critical applications

•Diameters stocked at industry standard 0.010” oversized

•Flexible stocking programs to support just in time (JIT) business

•Same day shipping from local inventory via Aerodyne FasTrac delivery


Aerodyne Alloys has the right approvals in place to assure that your getting materials from supplier that really cares about Quality!

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • AS9120A
  • General Electric S1000 Approved
  • Pratt & Whitney LCS Approved
  • Rolls Royce Sabre 9000
  • DFARS compliant material

Aerodyne Alloys - Where Quality and Experience Come Together!