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Cobalt Alloys
Product Descriptions and Specs

Aerodyne Alloys is an international supplier and processor of Cobalt Alloys. Following are specifications and links for downloadable Cobalt specifications.

L-605 Bar

L-605 is a cobalt-base superalloy with good formability, high strength, and good oxidation resistance. This alloy also has good sulfidation resistance and resistance to wear and galling. read more about L-605 Bar

Waspaloy Bar (solution treated)

Waspaloy is a precipitation hardening, austenitic nickel-base alloy which is used in elevated temperature applications. read more about Waspaloy Bar

188 Bar

Alloy 188 bar is a cobalt-base austenitic alloy with excellent high temperature strength and good oxidation resistance. The high chromium level coupled with small additions of lanthanum produce an extremely tenacious and protective scale. read more about 188 Bar

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