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Properties of Cobalt

Cobalt is resistant to stress and corrosion at high temperatures. Cobalt is a shiny, grey, brittle metal. The metal is rarely used as a structural material in the pure form but it is an important ingredient in other materials. Because of it's unique properties, cobalt has many uses:

High Temperature Melting Point

Cobalt has a high temperature melting point of 1493°C. This means it retains its strength to a high temperature. The aerospace industry uses cobalt in the production of super alloys. In the nickel-base super-alloys, cobalt provides solid solution strengthening. It decreases the solubility of aluminum and titanium. It is used in cutting tools and diamond tooling.

Blue Coloring

Cobalt is a shiny, grey metal however in conjunction with silica, cobalt produces intense blue colors. Cobalt is a pigment in ceramics, glass, paint, inks and plastic.


Because cobalt retains this property to 1100°C, this alloy is used in the production of rechargeable batteries and magnets. Cobalt is naturally ferromagnetic and provides resistance to demagnetization in several groups of permanent magnet materials including

  • Aluminum, nickel, cobalt alloys
  • Iron, cobalt alloys
  • Cobalt rare-earth intermetallics


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