Inconel® 625

  • nickel 625 round bar, ams 5666, nickel 625, alloy 625 bar,pwa-lcs, ge-s400/s1000
    Inconel® 625 bar - AMS 5666 - Color Code Alpine Green
  • 625 nickel plate, ams 5599, pwa-lcs, ge-s400/s1000
    Inconel® 625 Plate - AMS 5599

Inconel® 625 is an austenitic nickel-base superalloy with excellent resistance to oxidation and corrosion over a broad range of conditions, including jet engine and chemical process applications. This alloy has greater corrosion resistance when compared to 718 at high temperatures. Also known as alloy 625, it has outstanding strength and toughness at temperatures ranging from cryogenic to 2000°F (1093°C), which is derived primarily from the solid solution strengthening of columbium and molybdenum in a nickel-chromium matrix.Common trade names include Nickel 625, Alloy 625, and Inconel® 625.

625 round bar inventory - AMS 5666

We supply round bar stock in .250" - 7.000" diameters. Its superior corrosion and oxidation resistance at high temperatures make it ideal for the aerospace industry, naval applications, chemical processing, and the oil and gas industries. Alloy 625 is virtually immune to corrosion in marine environments and is used extensively in the hot section of jet engines and in high temperature corrosive environments found in the chemical processing industry. Our bar stock comes in standard inventory lengths of 10-12 feet rl's. It requires a minimum yield strength of 60,000 psi at room temperature for bars under 4 inches in diameter. Mechanical properties for bars 4 inches in diameter and larger are to be agreed upon by purchaser and vendor. Exact specification is AMS 5666.

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Our inventory of nickel 625 plate - AMS 5599

We are suppliers are 625 plate in thicknesses of .250 - 2.00". This alloy plate is exceptionally resistant to crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking, as well as to chemical attack in highly oxidizing to moderately reducing conditions. It is frequently used in naval, aerospace, chemical processing and oil and gas industries. This high temperature alloy is commonly used in the aerospace, steam / gas power generation, and oil and gas industries. Our knowledge of the specifications required for each market and our in stock inventory with Fastrac shipping make us an ideal partner for your supply chain needs. Exact specification is AMS 5599.

Bar specifications

  • AMS 5666
  • ASTM B 446
  • ASME SB 446
  • Line marked over >.500 inch diameter

Plate Specifications

  • AMS 5599
  • ASTM B 443


  • GE S400/S1000
  • RR SABRe Edition 2
  • DFARS Compliant

Melt Method

  • Predominant production by AOD-ESR melt. Worked hot, annealed, centerless ground or rough turned

Properties of 625 Inconel®

Nominal Chemical Composition of 625
Nickel Chromium Molybdenum Columbium plus Tantalum
60% 22% 9% 4%

Non-magnetic. 625 alloys can be used for parts requiring both corrosion and oxidation resistance up to 2000ºF (1093°C). This grade has outstanding resistance to creep and stress rupture up to 1200ºF (649°C), and oxidation and scaling resistance up to 2000ºF (1093°C).


Hardness of Aerodyne stock is typically 185 BHN and never higher than 287 BHN by specification. The microstructure remains austenitic at both elevated and low temperatures. 625 cannot be hardened by heat treatment but can be hardened by cold working. During cold working, this grade work hardens more rapidly than austenitic stainless steels.


Rating: 16% of B-1112
Typical stock removal rate: 25 surface feet/minute with high speed tools. 100 surface feet/minute with carbide.


625 plate can be welded by most customary techniques, such as inert gas tungsten arc (TIG), gas metal arc welding (GMAW), plasma, electron beam, submerged arc and resistance welding. If excessive heat input and oxidation are avoided during welding, This alloy can be put into service without any subsequent postweld thermal treatments.

Other comments:

Use relatively heavy cuts and low speeds to minimize surface work hardening

Density: 0.305 lbs/in3, 8.44 g/cm3

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