Alloy 410 Stainless Bar

Available Diameters in Inches
1" - 8"
Available Diameters in Millimeters
25.400 - 203.200
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    Alloy 410 Stainless Bar

Standard Industry Specifications

AMS 5660
UNS – S41000
AMS 5613
ASTM A493, A276, A479


Type 410 stainless is the basic hardenable, martensitic stainless steel, and is suitable for highly stressed parts where a combination of corrosion resistance, strength and ductility are required.  Typical applications have included buckets and blades in steam turbines, valves, fasteners, pump parts, shafting and machined parts in petrochemical equipment. The alloy offers good corrosion resistance to mild atmospheres, resisting corrosion in many light industrial and commercial applications.  Type 410 offers scaling resistance up to 1200 F.


The alloy is hardened by quenching in oil and tempering after the part has reached room temperature.  


Annealed hardness – 187 BHN
Quenched and tempered – Rc 35-43.


Type 410 offers best machinability in the heat treated condition as chips tend to build up on the tool in the soft annealed condition.
Density -  0.280 lb/cubic inch