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History of Titanium & Titanium Alloys

Of the Titans of Greece Mythology Named for the Titans of Greek mythology, titanium was first purified in 1910 by Matthew Hunter.

In 1946, Dr. Wilhelm Kroll developed the process, which is currently used for producing commercial titanium.

Of all the elements in the earth’s crust, titanium is the ninth most plentiful.

Since the introduction of titanium and titanium alloys in the early 1950s, these materials have in a relatively short time become backbone materials for the aerospace, energy, and chemical industries. The combination of high strength-to-weight ratio, excellent mechanical properties, and corrosion resistance makes titanium the best material choice for many critical applications.

Today, titanium alloys are used for demanding applications such as static and rotating gas turbine engine components. Some of the most critical and highly-stressed civilian and military aerospace parts are made of these alloys.

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