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People at Aerodyne Alloys

the Aerodyne Alloys Team

The Aerodyne Alloys team is experienced in all phases of the specialty metals industry. We have a proven track record of problem solving.

We understand manufacturing needs and have developed a process that allows us to offer a wider range of diameters - so you can buy quantities closer to what you actually need.

A team of specialty alloy experts means that you place your order with someone who has an in-depth background in high temperature alloy metals and their applications. What's more, you are treated as a customer, not just another order number.

When you call, our Customer Service staff has your data on-screen for reference and knows what and when you've ordered. It's efficient because we know you - even if your favorite Customer Service Rep is not available.

We also have an S.O.S. Department: Specialists On Sourcing. If you need a particular alloy and can't find it, our S.O.S. experts will find what you need if it exists somewhere on the planet. We have already been called in to source alloys for over 40 companies and the requests keep coming.

Most of our people have been in the industry for over two decades. Plus, we have strong employee retention so we have become a highly productive team -- to your advantage.

From administration, to warehouse, to sourcing to ordering, to cutting, packaging and shipping, from every department, when it comes to metal, we offer the best people.

Our customers speak directly to our management team -- there are no closed doors, including mine. We at Aerodyne Alloys value your business. Try us. See the difference!

Greg Chase